Mireille Lovejoy – Initiatives Project Leader- Roche

Given the remit of hosting a Design Thinking virtual workshop over 2.5 hours, a strong story was required to engage colleagues, promote an open and honest discussion with the aim of coming up with a proposal that would be strong enough to move into the testing phase. I had the privilege of working with Silvina Marchisio regarding this brief, specifically what visuals could be used within a collaboration tool to optimise the time we had as a virtual team. Silvina was a valued thought partner throughout and provided great insights regarding the benefits of a communication campaign and pre-work before the workshop itself. The end result was a series of stunning and versatile visuals. Colleagues were engaged from the moment the workshop concept was introduced right through to the workshop itself. This powerful framework was key in retrieving clear and concise workshop outputs. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. In summary, working with Silvina was simply a delight and I would highly recommend her graphic facilitation abilities.