SEEing possibilities animated hand-drawn framework

The SEEing possibilities framework was developed as a visual guiding tool for the experiences we create.

Because we believe that creativity helps us SEE the world that it is not yet there….

And we help create it.

All services we provide are around SEEing possibilities. Either by selecting one of the offerings or by creating and design a service package.

Seeing verb (Oxford definition)

▪ gerund or present participle: seeing

1. Perceive with the eyes; discern visually. Be or become aware of something from observation or from a written or other visual source.

– be a spectator of (a film, game, or other entertainment); watch.

– refer to (a specified source) for further information (used as a direction in a text).

2. Discern or deduce after reflection or from information; understand.

– ascertain after inquiring, considering, or discovering an outcome.

– regard in a specified way.

– view or predict as a possibility; envisage.

– used to ascertain or express comprehension, agreement, or continued attention, or to emphasize that an earlier prediction was correct.

3. Experience or witness (an event or situation).

– be the time or setting of (something).

4. Meet (someone one knows) socially or by chance.

– visit (a person or place).

– meet regularly as a boyfriend or girlfriend.

– consult (a specialist or professional).

– give an interview or consultation to.

5. Escort or conduct (someone) to a specified place.

6. Ensure.

7. (in poker or brag) equal the bet of (an opponent) and require them to reveal their cards in order to determine who has won the hand.

This does not apply to our framework but PLAYING is a big part of what we do!

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