We support you creating long lasting experiences

We deeply believe in the power of storytelling, either visual or verbal and rituals that help people connect, build trust and solid mental platforms to build from.

Working in partnership with you, we create visual strategies and frameworks that will boost your team in communication, collaboration and innovation.

We have transformed organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic enabling teams to collaborate and generate faster outcomes with Miro and Mural and innovative methodologies to support community building in times of transformational change.

But most importantly, we believe in having fun at work!


We apply visual facilitation and remote collaborative tools such as Miro for unique collaborative experiences

Over the 2 years we have reached over 1000 participants engagements on face to face, remote and hybrid sessions!

Meeting Design and Facilitation : We support you designing engaging and collaborative sessions.

Change Management and Organisational Design: We support organisations by creating engagement strategies. We have collaborated in operationalising several transformations in the past years.

As a result, the embedded change managements strategies were considered as the golden standard for our clients. Contact us for more information.

Visualisations: Strategic roadmaps, Process mapping, Customer Journeys. Contact us for a complete list of our available services either for designing your session, graphic recording your session or studio work.

Graphic Recording: Digital (remote sessions) and analog (in real life). You may also know it as “the person who draws while the conference is happening”, or scribing. I actively and deeply listen, and I create visuals that synthesize the content of the key note, conference, workshop or session.

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